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Masonic Motorcycle Riders Assoc.-Florida

In Loving Memory


Bro. Aaron Nunez
Dec. 28, 1974 - Feb. 25, 2001

Bro. Aaron Nunez                                                           Charter Member and Treasurer-Florida Grand Chapter
Dec. 28, 1974 - Feb. 25, 2001
May he ride in the wind free forever

Be free, be strong, be proud of who you have been, know that you will be mourned and missed, that no one can replace you, that you have loved and are beloved.

Move beyond form, flowing like water, feeding on sunlight and moonlight radiant as the stars in the night sky.

Pass the gates, enter the dark without fear, returning to the womb of life to steep in the cauldron of rebirth.

Rest, heal, grow young again. Be blessed.

Share the wind with the Great Architect of the Universe.

Our Brother, Our Friend.